joi, 26 ianuarie 2017

Din SALUTARI LUI TROTKI au mai ramas exemplare numarate. In curand, se va epuiza. Cine mai vrea un exemplar sa-mi scrie. I-l pot rezerva.

sâmbătă, 21 ianuarie 2017

Anybody who knows of Moldavian poets or poetry festivals or the likes?
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Antanas Jonynas I know, everything is OK with Moldavian poets:)Vezi traducerea
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Linda Boström Knausgård Fråga Regina Dyck. Hon vet!!!Vezi traducerea
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Regina Dyck
Nicolae Dabija - biografie completa. Biografia lui Nicolae Dabija
Yigru Zeltil not a very good contemporary poet imo. his importance is in the past, in the local context of literary historyVezi traducerea
Regina Dyck Martin: I will check and write later, now soccer Vezi traducerea
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Regina Dyck Maria Augustina Hâncu!
Niels Ellevang Jeg kender 2 moldaviske litterater, der kan svare. Jeg kan sætte dig i kontakt.Vezi traducerea
Regina Dyck Nicoleta Esinencu: born 1978, he is a very good poet!Vezi traducerea
Yigru Zeltil Yes, Nicoleta Esinencu is a remarkable case, but haven't heard of her since "Fuck you, Eu.Ro.Pa". Otherwise, the most relevant (from a literary standpoint) poets are those of the '80s and '90s waves, from Emilian Galaicu-Paun to Dumitru Crudu, the Vakulovski brothers, then also some of the younger poets influenced by them or by Romania-based poets - Alex CosmescuIon BuzuVirgil BotnaruVictor Țvetov and there are more of them. And the best thing is these poets from Bessarabia (some of them organized in literary circles like Cenaclul Republica and magazines like revista lolita, but not so much in festivals as far as I know, they rather go at festivals in Romania like Poezia e la Bistrița) are often more than competitive with poets who write now in Romania. As for Nicolae Dabija, Leo Butnaru or late Grigore Vieru, they have some importance for reintroducing modern poetry after the period of forced socialist realism, but I think what you want is cutting-edge contemporary poetry. (Disclaimer: I am from Romania, I do know personally some of these poets and, yes, I think Moldavian literature is part of Romanian literature, even though paths were artificially separated during the Communist period)


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