marți, 9 august 2016


I already have no more problems
I even bought the marble
it's  white it's

I've been to see
that place, also
there are some trees there, as well
tall tall

and you know
the marble fits
marvellously with the rest


today I saw a beetle
crossing the dining-room
and today you should have
come to me Maria

it stopped in one corner
it didn 't want to enter the hole
I was waiting for you and thinking
perhaps it was also waiting for you

the sleep of dimitrie's father

the doors banging the walls
noises two pear-trees
white wet
my father sleeps on the balcony
hidden under bed-sheets
the pillow falls on the floor
by the dirty socks
by the old shoes
in the room it is dark
the window-open
it smells like fish
it stinks a chair
without a leg
my father's legs
his hands are hanging down
on the table- glasses plates
dirty jugs
on the floor-traces peelings
like on a thin bridge
my father speaks in his sleep
a dusty lamp is burning
paper sheets-rumpled
like a cleched fist
they are falling down
the wals are tall
rocks placed
one above the other
there is an open wardrobe
my father screams

traducere de David Morley

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of, of, depresia asta. mi-am pierdut toata bruma de incredere in mine.